this is how the magic happens.

fashion designer studio

Design & Fabrics

When you opt for an in-house consultation,

we sit down for a glass of prosecco and discuss your style preferences and the special occasion.

We will create a draft drawing and guide you with expert advice based on your body shape and a fabric preference. 

We will go through the fabric options that would be appropriate for that specific design and look into the colors.

fashion sketch

Pattern & calico

Once the style is determined, we will create a pattern based on the design and your measurements. A pattern is a 2D template of the garment. This will be used to create a calico, which is the 3D sample of the garment made of cotton.

shirt and blazer

First Fitting

On your first fitting, you will try on the calico.
We will make sure that the garment fits perfectly and at this stage, we can still make small adjustments, for example, pockets, lapel, length, sleeves, applique and details.
Part of the first fitting is to finalize your choice of fabric and the color(s).

After the fitting, the calico will be relayed back onto the pattern and we will cut the garment in your chosen fabric.

wedding dress

Final Fitting

Once your garment is complete with all the details that were discussed, we will invite you for the final fitting. You will try your garment on and our designer will have a final look to ensure the fit is as perfect as it can be to flatter your body and style.
After this, your only job is to relax and enjoy a drink while we box up your garment.